Cryptocurrency wallet

What is Cryptocurrency wallet 

A cryptocurrency wallet is a type of software program that stores your virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, etc. and interacts with various blockchains to enable users to send or receive digital currency and monitor their balance. Users can check transaction status at any time after logging into the cryptocurrency wallet. A significant number of cryptocurrency wallets are available in the market. 

A cryptocurrency wallet is like a regular bank account, making it possible to exchange and store cryptocurrency securely for further exchanges.

Cryptocurrency wallet development also offers you complete control over your money and allows users to earn, monitor, and transfer crypto coins. These processes will bring the best benefits of decentralization, security, and transparency. 

Cryptocurrency wallets are specifically designed to manage digital assets so that users can trade with them whenever they want. 

Crypto wallet v/s custom Crypto wallet

Crypto wallet is an application for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies between blockchain network members, carrying out crypto payments, and checking the balance as well as transactions’ history. This crypto tool safely stores the private keys of the users by using encryption methods along with simplifying the interaction with digital currency.

A custom cryptocurrency wallet development is a way of creating tailored solutions providing guaranteed user data security and system reliability. If someone were looking for a method enabling users to carry out transactions on-site without leaving your system – this is the perfect option. By using an exclusive solution, customers can carry out and receive payments, monitor personal account balances, and even use escrow service.

A unique program stores private and public keys and can leverage the DLT technology to give users the most secure way of carrying out monetary transactions and highly trustworthy contracts. Using cryptocurrency digital wallets, they will be able to pay and receive payments, use the escrow service, maintain their balances, and grow their investments using their trading platform. High-skilled cryptocurrency wallet developers foresee any use case possible and make the wallet perfectly suited to your needs.

How Cryptocurrency Exchange Works?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the online platforms that provide users an interface to exchange or purchase cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies or with authorization currency. These exchanges can either work like 

  • Stock exchanges offering cryptocurrency in Exchange for fiat money. 


  • Currency exchanges provide the users with options to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. 

You should know before using Cryptocurrency Exchange Development.

  • Exchanges charge a small fee for all the transactions. 
  • Before developing crypto exchanges to provide an exchange or purchase, every Exchange requires users registration through their phone number or email address or both. Sometimes it needs a KYC if users are dealing with large amounts. 
  • An increase in the cryptocurrency’s business top has also increased their interest tenfold. People are continually looking for the best spots to purchase cryptocurrencies. This fact has provided a strong base for the various Cryptocurrency exchange development to rise.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Our team of developers develops high-end quality service for all Exchange related development.

  1. Custom Exchange Development- We can develop a custom Crypto-Currency trade for you as per your enterprise requirements.
  2. White Label Solution- They are various white label exchange solutions that help to build your Exchange with Bittrex or Binance APIs quickly.
  3. Trading Bots- Polytree can integrate support for custom trading bots in the Exchange so that specific orders can be executed instantly.
  4. Decentralized Exchange- It has been the buzz word in 2019-20, and we have the team to get it fully implemented.
  5. Support For Binance API’s- To hold an advantage of the Binance and Bittrex API by using business extent and date from their exchanges.
  6. Integration Of Payment Gateway- We can integrate authorization currency to cryptocurrency converter with various APIs.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Support For Trading Pairs
  • Optional Decentralized Exchange
  • Secure And Robust
  • Support For Fiat Currencies
  • Custom Commission Fees
  • Attractive UI/UX

Why You need Company to develop crypto wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is also known as a digitally secured system that stores private and public keys used for conducting transactions. It allows sending and receiving digital currency, monitoring, and managing your cryptocurrency assets, so the transaction processes are safe and comfortable.

Custom cryptocurrency wallets can collect one or multiple currencies even though some clients are solely interested in Bitcoin wallet development. But, clearly configured features and innovative technologies allow smoothing cryptocurrency transactions up both for private use and integration into your business financial system. An exclusive crypto wallet can fit all client business requirements and become an integral part of day-to-day routine while bringing value to your business. A cryptocurrency wallet development company will help the client to develop these kinds of solutions.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services including: 
  1. Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet – Polytree Experts provide excellent and innovative crypto wallet development techniques in which clients can keep their virtual currency to buy and sell anything under Blockchain.
  2. Bitcoin Wallet Development – To build innovative Bitcoin wallet development solutions. It will provide clients with powerful Bitcoin wallet apps to store your private transaction keys.
  3. Crypto Coin Creation- With the growing technology, DLT specialists help clients to develop the latest and in-demand crypto coins that would work on the Blockchain network across the globe.
  4. ICO Development Services- We propose full ICO development services by efficiently designing and building optimum models for cryptocurrency tokens and preparing them for the ICO launch.
  5. Crypto Coin Mining – Cryptocurrencies are entries of tokens stored in a decentralized database. Advanced cryptography techniques protect cryptocurrencies from any fraudulent activity.
  6. Wallet Transactions- Safely and securely process client wallet transactions using blockchain/DLT accounting software to provide accurate data valuation. We create robust crypto wallets for secure financial transactions.

As a cryptocurrency development company, Polytree stuck on all the security standards to develop a mighty crypto wallet. We mainly focus on innovating new ways to increase the client’s access over Blockchain technology. Till today, we have won hundreds of clients’ hearts with the delivery of our satisfactory and tailor-made service. 

Create Your Crypto Currency Exchange

Are you looking for a top Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company at an affordable cost? We can create your cryptocurrency exchange in the least time and cost.

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