Education Distributed Ledger Technology

We develop smart contacts, and as a typical application of Distributed Ledger Technology, a smart contract is a software program designed on cryptographic security mechanisms. It can complete complex transactional operations without human intervention. The system also supports automatic execution and automatic verification. Smart contract technology can simplify the transaction process, realize intelligent, automated, and decentralized transactions, and improve transaction security. Smart contracts preclude the formation of a vast resource sharing platform for online education. Based on smart contracts, the online education platform can complete course purchase, settlement, and acceptance efficiency and accurately without incurring any labor charges. The distributed storage and collective maintenance of distributed ledger technology allow the students to acquire the resources of different platforms by logging into only one node in the distributed ledger technology network. Furthermore, the education resource data will not be invalidated if individual nodes get damage in attacks, which is a reliable guarantee of data security. Besides, global knowledge systems like Wikipedia, research institutions, academic journals, and other education data can be added to the distributed ledger technology network using distributed ledger technology, creating a comprehensive knowledge base. The nodes in any distributed ledger technology network can access these knowledge resources, which dramatically improves learning efficiency and enriches the learning methods.
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