Police Department Distributed Ledger Technology

We, as a company that develops Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which decentralizes the network and improves trust, ironically, by having a group that doesn't trust each other, keeping checks on each other. The public key cryptography used in Distributed Ledger Technology, such as Bitcoin, makes it possible to keep data encrypted despite being widely shared across the network. Any tampering with data/evidence would be detected because it would result in a change to the hash value of the data, which could be flagged within the ledger by reconciling the data across nodes. This would lead to the tampered data being removed from, or disabled within, the network leaving only the secure genuine data. Furthermore, when data is transmitted, downloaded, or accessed, in any suspicious way, the transaction can be flagged with the data owner. If there are any data protection issues particular to a specific organization or jurisdiction, this can be built into the system. If there are any changes to this legislation, it can be updated centrally by 'organizational nodes.' The difference between these types of transactions and the cryptocurrency model is that the original data controller would be able to retain ownership of the resource until the property has been rescinded or the security level of the data is lowered for more widespread usage. For law enforcement agencies around the world this is a massive breakthrough on many levels.
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